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Where have all the planes gone?


I wanted to pop in and say I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting more paper airplanes this past month.  I have a good reason though!  The calendar I was posting daily airplanes from started to repeat patterns!  I don’t think it’s necessary to post repeats for a year. 

So! what to do.  Well, I promise to continue posting about planes as I find them from different sources or if I make my own modifications to the creations of the calendar throughout the year.  In addition, you can watch for “other” content here as well.  I feel the need to branch out. 

Thanks and keep on folding.


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Doesn’t this look like it should be a shoe?  Like some gaudy basketball shoe?  Well it does to me.  If you don’t agree, then fine, whatever, but GOD can’t you just let me have my own opinion?  I mean hear I am just voicing my opinion and there you are with your holier than thou smugness disagreeing with me just to get my goat.  Whatever.

Feb 19th and 20th – Simple Simon



Oh, this plan flew like crap.  Seriously it was pretty bad at staying in the air. 

A repeat?

Man this sucker just feels like a repeat.  So I did a bit of flipping back through our weblog history and SNAP!  it is totally a repeat.  Here’s a link to the original…


Anyhoo, this one’s a bit different on the surface though.  It’s got a different red, white, and blue pattern on it and, yeah I guess that’s about it.  So, for the second tie, drumroll please……

Feb 18th – The Harrier



Isn’t that a prophylactic?

Named for the condom brand, obviously, this thing uses it’s reservoir tip to slice through the air and fly straight and true.  Man what a crappy joke.  Anyway, this plane really does fly like the dickens.  It’s a super fancy variation on the classic has the chops to hold it’s own with any plane we’ve folded so far.  I like it, so should you.

Feb 17th – The Trojan



It looks good, but…

I’m not very impressed with the flight skills of it.  The simple design and flat wing design of the starship led me to believe that it would be among our fliers rather than among the crash-and-burners.  Boy was I wrong.  The vertical wing fins and rudders on this thing provide a lot of opportunity for it to veer off course and this variability is really its downfall.  Sigh, such is life I guess.

Feb 16th – Starship




It’s like the Colonel’s bowtie is on fire!

Seriously, doesn’t this look like the KFC colonel’s bowtie, but on FIRE? I know.  But I digress.  This plane is actually awesome.  It looks complicated but is’ quite simple to fold and it’s front-heavy enough to cut through the air like a laser.  Its not a dip-and-swoop model, but  more of a, well, dart…  Check it.

Feb 15th – The Hammerhead Dart



An interesting thing to note here is that while this thing flew really well, Georgia really didn’t like it.  She ignored this sucker almost from the get-go.